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Home Cleaning Hacks

Home Cleaning Hacks House Cleaning Drummoyne The term ‘life hack’ entered the common vernacular around the year 2005. But the concept is an old one. They are tricks used to get things done neatly and efficiently. There are plenty of life hacks for making home of office cleaning easier. Dryer Sheets Some of us use […]

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Cleaning Hardwood

 Cleaning Hardwood Hardwood timber floors are one of the most popular options for homes. They are know for being extremely long lasting, and many people like the look of natural timber. But no flooring material is immune to stains and damage, timber floors included. Is is especially frustrating when hardwood floors are damaged, as they […]

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Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning Some companies try to do their own cleaning but this is often a mistake. They underestimate the time it takes. And time you spend cleaning is time taken away from tasks that might benefit the company. Time is worth more than you think. It is usually best to employ a commercial cleaner. Windows […]

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Timber & Carpet Cleaning

Timber and Carpet Cleaning House Cleaning Lane Cove What is a healthier option for you home? Carpeted floors or bare timber floors? Hardwood Timber Flooring – Home Cleaning Lane Cove. Hardwood is one of the oldest flooring options. It remains reasonably popular because it is so long-lasting, and it is easy to clean. It can […]