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Home Cleaning Hacks

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The term ‘life hack’ entered the common vernacular around the year 2005. But the concept is an old one. They are tricks used to get things done neatly and efficiently. There are plenty of life hacks for making home of office cleaning easier.
Dryer Sheets
Some of us use dryer sheets to keep the laundry static free in the dryer. But the used sheets need not be thrown away.

  • We can use drier sheets to clean mirrors and glass.
  • They can remove pet hair from many surfaces.
  • They can clean television and computer screens.
  • Clean dust from fan blades.
  • A damp dryer sheet can clean bugs off the windscreen.

Try to find dryer sheets that do not contain toxic chemicals.

Garbage Disposal Units
These sometimes accumulate unpleasant smelling gunk. Add some lemon and bi-carbonate of soda to freshen and clean the garbage disposal unit.
Cutting Boards
Use salt and lemon to clean cutting boards.

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Window Blinds
Venetian blinds have a lot of surface area, which is slightly tricky to reach. A soft brush attachment on a vacuum isn’t a bad option. But try using an old sock with some vinegar or dilute dish washing liquid. Put the old sock on your hand and run it over each side of the Venetian blind.

Shower heads

Vinegar will remove the minerals that buildup on taps and shower heads. Fill a small plastic bag with vinegar, tie it around the shower head, and leave overnight. It will be easy to clean as the vinegar breaks down the mineral deposits.

Soap Scum on Tiles

Use a solution of vinegar and detergent to break down soap scum on the shower. Add bicarbonate of soda if the stains are stubborn. Scrub with a stiff bristle brush.

Air Vents

We may forget that the air conditioning vents accumulate dust. This prevents them from working efficiently.
Vacuum the vents with a soft brush attachment. And then clean with a wet rag on a stick.

Furniture Fabric

while most fabrics are easy to clean in the washing machine we do not have this option with furniture, unless the covers can be removed. But we can clean the furniture fabric by covering the surface with bi-carbonate of Soda overnight and vacuuming off the next day.

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Cleaning is time consuming, but necessary. If you valise your time then employee a professional to keep the house clean. The results will be impressive.

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