House Cleaning Crows Nest

Baby Proofing Homes

House Cleaning Crows Nest

Of course a tidy home has an aesthetic appeal. It is also better for our mental healthy to live in tidy surroundings. But an occasionally overlooked factor is that a tidy home should also be safe.

Of course while tidy and safe are loosely connected that are not synonymous. Even a tidy home can hide a few dangerous situations. We need to make precautions for a home to be safe.

Generally speaking, if we can make a home safe for a baby/toddler then the home is probably safe for others.

Little children can figure out how to get through doors, they just need to reach the handle. Latches and lock go a long way to stopping children when it comes to doors. doorknob safety covers are also useful.

Bathrooms and Toilets

These have slippery, hard surfaces, so it is very easy for a child to fall and hit their head. This can be a serious accident. Bathmats can reduce the risk of slipping.
Bathrooms and toilets often have enough water for a child drown. Keep doors locker and put up barriers if applicable.


It is easy for modern flat screen TVs to be pulled over by a child. These Devices need to be securely attached to the wall. Book shelves and cabinets pose a similar danger. Find ways to keep these items stable and immovable.


Easy for anybody to fall down the stairs, especially if that somebody is a child learning to walk. Put barriers at the top and bottom of stairs. And firmly secure any mats/rugs near stairs to prevent people from slipping.


Kitchen appliances can be heavy enough to seriously injure a child. Knives and forks are also extremely dangerous. Keep these locked away or well out of reach.

Many foods are a choking hazard. Anything from nuts to marshmallows can block a child’s breathing. Keep these locked away.

Cleaning products are often dangerous. too many people simply store these under the kitchen sink. Put a childproof safety lock on the cupboard with any cleaning products.

Electrical sockets

Power points are usually low down, so they are all too easy for a child to reach. Put safety covers on all power outlets. Note that some children quickly discover how to remove these covers.

Blinds and Windows

Cords on blinds are a choking hazard. Replace these blinds with cordless types.
Windows should have mesh that is strong enough to prevent children from falling out.

Draws and cupboard doors

A child can easily pull out a draw above their head and injure themselves. Or simply catch their fingers when closing a door or draw. Put baby locks on these devices.

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