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Clean Technology

Clean Technology Maybe it is the psychology their shiny appearance, but we often forget about the germs on our smartphones, headsets and computers. But as we are constantly using these devices they will accumulate gunk that can affect our health, even if they do continue to look shiny and clean. Earphones These come in external […]

House Pet Care

House Pet Care Some of us are fond of pets, and they can be beneficial to our mental health, relieving stress and keeping us active. Of course, they do require some upkeep. Pet Hair Probably the most prominent issue with owners, pet hair is a constant background problem. Some pets shed more in summer; many […]

Extra Dishwasher Uses

Many items can be cleaned in the dishwasher. A few include- Shelves and Draws. Plastic shelves and draws, particularity the type from the refrigerator, can be cleaned by the dishwasher, provided they fit. This is a great time saver, especially while you are cleaning out the rest of the fridge. Children’s Toys. This depends on […]

Natural Soap and Antiperspirant

There is a lot of fear out there about harmful chemicals in our cleaning products. I would like to put those fear to rest, but unfortunately at least some of the concerns are justified. One way to avoid problems is to make the products our self; that way we know what is going into them. […]

Fruit Storage

Fruit Storage Storing fruit properly prevent it going prematurely bad. Some household odours are caused by food that exceeds its use by date. It is more economical and more hygienic to store food sensible. Appropriate techniques are simple once put into practice. Many fruits produce ethylene gas. This gas causes many fruits to ripen more […]

Clean Sheets

Clean Sheets The packaging on new sheets often advises the owners to wash before use. This may seem odd as the sheets look and feel very clean. But the neat and clean folded look these sheets is due to the chemicals present in the fabric, including some of same chemicals used in dry cleaning, such […]

Freshen Up the Air

Household odours are best tackled by removing them at the source. Many can be dealt with using only household products. Removing problem odours and their causes is always better than covering them up with aerosols and sprays, which mostly just conceal the symptoms.   Bathrooms Soak many smells up with baking soda. An open container […]

Ironing Tricks

Ironing was almost enjoyable when you patents first allowed you to try it. It became a dull chore shortly afterwards. A few tricks can save a lot of time when ironing.   Steam – Steam will get the wrinkles out of many garments.  As most of us don’t have a machine specifically designed for this […]

Avoiding Harmful Cleaning Ingredients

  Harmful Cleaning Ingredients We are always better of avoiding harmful ingredients that cause health or environmental problems. Some things to watch out for include: Sodium Hydroxide – This is a caustic agent used in metal, oven and drain cleaners. It is extremely harmful to skin and eyes; even its fumes cause irritation. Sodium Lauryl […]

Take it or Leave it when Moving Home

Moving   Moving Home – End of Lease Cleaning Clothing Now is a good time to look at what you do and do not wear. Keep items that you wear on a regular basis; keep a few formal suits and accessories; keep something if it has great sentimental value. There is always something to donate […]