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Clean Bedroom Draws


Clean Bedroom Draws

It is easy to confuse cleaning with neatness, tidiness and an attractive decor. But these factors overlap. So if we want our home to actually look clean we need to have all of these things covered.
If we want out bedroom cupboards and draws to look clean we need to arrange things so that they look neat. This has the added advantage of making everything more functional. We know where everything is and that allows easy access.

  • Clean all your clothes. This included the few items that might need dry cleaning. When everything is clean you can take stock of everything that you have. If necessary you can donate some unused items to charity.
  • Empty all the draws and Cupboards. Dust and clean every surface. This gives a clean state for re-organizing everything.
    organize all your clothes and accessories into categories.
  • Create sub-categories if needed. Separating winter and summer wear is a good idea. you can put the store the summer clothes elsewhere during winter, and vice-versa during summer.
  • Set each draw of your cupboard and dressers to a specific type of item. Or perhaps you might have two item separated in one draw.
  • Put item in draws so that they can be seen. It is too easy to have items left at the back of the cupboard that end up never being used.
  • Look at rolling clothes. This prevent wrinkles, and prevent the situation where some items are left at the bottom of the draw. You can roll t-shirts and keep them at the front of a draw.
  • Embrace organizers. There are many great little clothes rack and hangers are discount shops and IKEA. These are great for hanging shoe racks, socks, ties, hats and other items.
  • The big factor to concentrate on is open space. Clutter look untidy. Open space with some basic some colour coordination feels much cleaner. And is easier to keep clean.

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We feel better in open clean surroundings. Organize your home to feel good, and you will find that cleaning is much easier and less time consuming.

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