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What Are some Home Cleaning Hacks?

Home Cleaning Mosman

Life hacks, quick ways to clean utensils of solve life’s inconveniences, have been an internet trend for the past few years. Some of these hacks are surprisingly effective, a few turn out to be quite lame. We have tried many hacks and make note of the ones we have found to work.

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Vinegar and Faucets – If the shower head gets clogged, something that happens periodically in areas with hard water, then we can unclog it by soaking it overnight in vinegar. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and attach it over the shower head with a plastic tie or string. It should be clean by morning.

Clogged Drain – Vinegar and Bi Carb of Soda will unclog most sinks. Leave this for an hour, then run the hot water. Sometimes dish soap and hot water is enough, leave it overnight.

Poor Smelling Drain – Fill with Bi Carb of Soda and add some Lemon Juice. Leave this for an hour, then flush with hot water.

Enamel Pots – Spray on oven cleaner will remove hard grease from many pots.

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Old Sponges – Keep the new sponge for cleaning dishes, and an old one to wipe walls and grimy areas. Cut the corner off the old sponge so you don’t get them confused.

Laundry Baskets – These are cheap at reject shops. Use them for piles of rags, tea towels, laundry, anything to be put in a pile for cleaning.

Stainless Steel Sinks – Polish this with flour. It works well with a dry sink. Or use Bi Carb of Soda followed by Vinegar.

Microwave – Clean the inside by boiling a mixture of water and lemon Juice. Microwave this for a few minutes, let it sit for a while, then wipe clean.

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Bathroom tiles – These accumulate soap scum, which grows worse if we clean it with more soap! Instead, spray with diluted bleach. Leave for 30 minutes and then clean with a light scrub.
Bi Carb of Soda and dish washing liquid also work.

Dishwasher – If you have hard water then your dishwasher may not clean as well as it should. Add some vinegar to soften the water, and help the machine produce soap suds.

Silverware – Remove tarnish off silver with Bi Carb of Soda and boiling water in an aluminium dish. Heavy tarnish may require some soaking.

Coffee and Tea Cups – A paste of Bi Carb of Soda and water will remove most stains.


Home Cleaning Mosman

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