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House Cleaning Mosman

Our home and office computers tend to accumulate dust and food particles. This is something that is easily overlooked when cleaning. But the cooling fans in computers will attract dust, as will screen with generate static electricity. And many of us drink coffee and eat snack food when using the computer, which means crumbs and liquid spills will get on the equipment, usually on the typing keyboard. The computer mouse also tend to get accumulate fluff. We should get in the habit of periodically cleaning these surfaces.

Cleaning the Computer

Turn off the computer before starting.
Wipe the outer surface of the computer with an microfibre cloth
Wipe the screen with an antibacterial wipe.
turn the mouse upside-down. Wipe the bottom surface. If the mouse is the type with a rotating ball then you will need to remove the ball and lean the mechanism. Use tweezers to remove any fluff. the rollers/wheel inside the mouse tend to accumulate dust/fluff/lint. The mouse will work better after this.
Detach the keyboard if possible. Hold it upside-down and shake out any crumbs and debris (hold it over a bin of a sink when doing this).
Vacuum the keyboard with a soft bristle attachment.
Run a post-it-note between the key of the keyboard to remove any gunk.
Use a Q-tip and some hand sanitizer or isopropyl alcohol to clean the keys.
Vacuum the computer cooling fan. You might use can of compressed air to loosen any stubborn dirt.
Wash the mouse pad with a cloth and warm water. Use a little detergent if needed.

Avoid using any solvents on the computer. This can damage the surface.

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