Extra Dishwasher Uses

Many items can be cleaned in the dishwasher. A few include-

Shelves and Draws.

Plastic shelves and draws, particularity the type from the refrigerator, can be cleaned by the dishwasher, provided they fit. This is a great time saver, especially while you are cleaning out the rest of the fridge.

Children’s Toys.

This depends on the toy. Some plastics will melt, ruining the toy. It can be difficult to know this in advance, but a cold wash might be a viable option.

Cleaning Items

Sponges, clothes, brushes that we use for cleaning will accumulate bacteria and germs of their own. The dishwasher can take care of these; they should be dishwasher safe.

Shaving Razors

This lowers the risk the skin irritation caused by bacteria. It also lengthens the life of the blade. Just make sure nothing can impact and damage the edge of the blade.

Some types of Shoes.

Rubber boots, thongs, some sandals and a few other items can be cleaned in the dish washer. Else, some people just rinse then in soapy water.

Oven and Appliance Knobs

When we are cooking and cleaning we are constantly putting our hands on these appliance knobs. Hence, they accumulate grease, fat, uncooked meat juice and a lot of bacteria. Knobs will benefit if they can be detached from the appliance and run through the dishwasher.

Children’s Drinking Cups.

Children’s non-spill cups are often cleaned in the dishwasher. This is often fine, but a few cups have areas in the lids where grime can build up. This accumulated grime can cause serious health issues. Check to see if the cup lid  has this problem. Lids that separate into two or more pieces are especially prone to this; the various parts should be cleaned in the dishwasher separately.

Never use electronic items in the dishwasher. Virtually no electronic equipment is safe for the dishwasher. Some people have had success cleaning detachable computer keyboards, but this should probably be avoided unless you are technical enough to understand the situation. On the odd occasion the electronics survive unharmed but the labels (like the letters on the keyboard itself) disappear in the wash. It is not worth the risk.

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