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Carpets and other floors should be given a weekly vacuuming. But if you really want the carpets to last for years they should also be given a twice annual steam cleaning. Carpets, especially thick shag carpets, will accumulate grit deep down in the fibers. This can be difficult to remove, and over time it will cause wear. Steam cleaning removes this deep down grit, and also benefits the carpet in other ways.

Steam Cleaning Carpets

Your carpets will never look better than after they are steam cleaned. Most noticeably, steam cleaning thoroughly cleans the carpets and get then closer to that new look.

One of the great advantages of steam cleaning is the minimal water used. The small amount of water is only on the carpet a few seconds before it is promptly removed, taking the dirt and grime with it. This means there are no moisture problems, so no risk of mould. And you can walk on the carpet almost straight away.

Steam cleaning is also chemical free, which means it is environmentally friendly.

A great advantage of steam cleaning is the removal of dust mites. Because steam is hot it will quickly kill dust mites. This greatly reduces problems with allergies and asthma.

Childcare and Carpet

Thorough cleaning of carpets is especially important for infants, who crawl on the floor. these young infants are inclined to pick up germs if the floors aren’t truly clean. Steam cleaning will go a long way to removing pollens, dust-mites, allergens, and plain of dirt and germs form carpet, making the environment much safer for your children.

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Plan to have your home and office carpets steam cleaned about twice per year. The long terms benefits of the carpet are worth this extra cleaning.

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