House Pet Care

House Pet Care

Some of us are fond of pets, and they can be beneficial to our mental health, relieving stress and keeping us active. Of course, they do require some upkeep.

Pet Hair

Probably the most prominent issue with owners, pet hair is a constant background problem. Some pets shed more in summer; many indoor pets will shed some hair all year round. But a certain amount of shedding is inevitable.
Simply brushing the pet on a regular basis removes most (not all) of the hair that would otherwise end up on the carpet. Pets seem to respond well to this, and it is easier to clean the pet brush than re-clean the carpets.
For hair that does make its way onto household surfaces try using a rubber glove. Hair seems to stick to the glove, which can then be washed off outside. Using a microfiber cloth is also good for removing hair. Have a microfiber cloth specifically for this purpose.
Some vacuum cleaners have an attachment for pet hair. Check with the manufacturer.

House Pet Dander

Dander is the dead skin shed by all mammals, including us. Much if the household dust we deal with contains some skin cells. A certain amount of this is normal, but illnesses and dry skin can make the problem worse. If you suspect your pet is shedding more skin than it should have it checked by a vet. The problem might be a simple as adding some fish oil to the diet.
Allergies caused by pets are often linked to the shed skin. Reducing the amount of shed skin can greatly reduce allergic reactions.

Some pets can be a problem with newborn children. Always check with a vet if you expect to have young children and a pet in the same house.

Urine stains.

Bicarbonate of soda helps with many pet stains. Cover the stain with bicarbonate of soda and let it soak up the moisture. The area may need to be treated more than once; leave a second application on overnight.
Covering the carpets with bicarbonate of soda for a few hours and them vacuuming will help reduce general odours in the house.

Food Bowls

Find a place for your pet’s food and water that cannot be disturbed by others. To avoid Ant problems use a food bowl with a rim that holds water, or put the bowls in a shallow tray of water. Sometimes a few plants that deter insects, or some essential oils, can keep pests away. Try lavender, lemongrass or basil.

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