House Cleaning Cremorne

Keeping Kids Rooms Clean

House Cleaning Cremorne

House cleaning is easier if everything is neat and organized. This is a little harder if there are children in the home, as children will neither cleanup after themselves nor organize their belongings. So we have to set their rooms and belongings up for them, and hopefully encourage some good habits.

Under Bed Storage

This is space that should be used. And if we don’t find a productive use then we find the space will accumulate junk, dust and old tissues.

Either put drawers under the bed or use large, rectangular plastic tubs for storing toys.

Labelled Containers

This is one way to organize belonging, and perhaps the best way for a child to understand. Have containers, toy boxes, and drawers labelled for the child’s belongings. Use picture labels as the child’s reading abilities are probably still developing.


Stuffed toys look good when lined up on a shelf. And the child may take pride in displaying their possessions in this manner. Have a low mounted shelf set aside for this. It also works for model cars, dolls and other collections.

Shoe Rack

Certainly have one of these hanging racks for the child’s shoes. But doll collections, tubes of paint, art supplies, and other children’s items also fit neatly away in a shoe rack.  You can buy cloth racks in many colours.

Laundry Basket

A simple idea that kids understand. Put the worn clothes in the basket at the end of the day.

Other Clothes Storage

Clothes can be categorized according to type (socks, shirts, underwear) or colour. Find what you child prefers.


Hard Floors

There is an advantage to hard floors as they are easy to sweep clean, and it is even easy to sweep toys away. And unlike carpets they will not hide dust and pollen. But at the same time hard floors are a problem if children fall; we might prefer if they fall on a softer surface. Try rugs on a hard floor, or flat rubber tiles, so the child falls on a softer surface.

House Cleaning Cremorne

It is easier to do the vacuuming, dusting and other cleaning when the floors are clear and everything in the room is neatly arranged. Find a way to keep the children’s room(s) a little neater and save time with the cleaning.




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