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Steam Mops

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Steam mops appeared on the market in about 2005. The proved quite useful for some situations. They did not use chemicals, so they were good for the environment and never aggravated anybody’s allergies. They also produced no noise and were small enough for easy storage.

Steam mops use the heat of the steam to kill germs, and bacteria. And this steam is quite effective for cleaning almost any marks off the floor, using nothing but heated water.

Steam mops are fine for many, but not all, hard floors. They are especially good for tiles, where the steam heat can do no harm.

Unfortunately steam mops are not a good option for timber floors. The heat of the steam combined with the moisture is the worse thing for wood. It causes the wooden planks to change shape, so the floor buckles and becomes uneven. Given the expense of timber floors this is a disaster.

House Cleaning Lane Cove

A steam mop is a useful cleaning device to have on hand. But keep it for hard tiled floors, and perhaps some linoleum, where the moisture and steam can do no harm.

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