Strata Cleaning

Strata buildings have several tenants each with their own apartment. Cleaning them is a combination of residential and commercial cleaning. Most areas are private property, but some are areas common to all. These areas need at least as much maintenance as any other cleaning situation.

Strata cleaning services keep tenants satisfied with immaculate living conditions, both in general areas and with private accommodation if necessary. Regular cleaning can maintain the look and value of strata accommodation by keeping them looking like new.

Our Sydney strata cleaning Services can provide:

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning, including high traffic areas
  • Lift cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Fire escape and stairwell cleaning
  • Vacuuming all areas, including high traffic areas
  • Bathroom cleaning and scrubbing until everything shines
  • Kitchen sink, bench tops, stove, fridge and cupboard surfaces’ cleaning
  • Damp mopping or kitchen floor polishing
  • Cobwebs removal
  • Vacuuming all traffic patterns
  • Damp mopping hard floor to remove any spillage on soiled areas
  • Car park and garage cleaning
  • Emptying all rubbish bins

For individual apartments Strata cleaning services can easily and cost effectively be included in the same schedule.

Sydney Strata Cleaning services can be arranged around weekly, monthly, fortnightly or even daily schedules.

Call us for a quote for strata cleaning Sydney, buildings or single areas.

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