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For some reason we tend to let things accumulate in the fridge. Perhaps it is just too easy to shut the fridge door and have everything out of sight. Whatever the reason almost everybody has a few unused food items slowly perishing at the back of the fridge shelves.

Of course there is more than meets the eye here. If we have food slowly going off in the fridge then we certainly have bacteria that is infecting the fridge interior. We need to get rid of this promptly, we don’t want it near the food we eat.

Our advice is to make fridge cleaning a more frequent part of our cleaning routine. If we spend a little time cleaning every other day then the problems won’t accumulate into something insurmountable.

Regular cleaning will:

  • Take much less time;
  • Prevent food poisoning. we should get rid of anything before it expires, and before it might contaminate anything else.
  • Prevents mould from thriving
  • We tend to be more aware of what we have in the fridge, so we don’t overstock.


It is easiest to clean the fridge when it is nearly empty. But this is obviously awkward as we need to keep any food from the fridge cold if we remove it. Matters are easier if we don’t let the food, especially the unused items, accumulate.

Of course we can clean one section of the fridge at a time, moving food items to other sections.

Natural Cleaners

Use natural cleaners like Bi Carb of Soda and vinegar. Never use any chemical cleaners like bleach as this may contaminate the food. Us an old toothbrush to scrub any tough stains.

If you can remove a shelf from the fridge and clean it externally, then do so. It might be a good idea to clean one shelf every few days, dividing the fridge cleaning into small tasks. You can use some detergent on the shelves, as long as they are rinsed and dried before being put back in the fridge.

Drain Hole

There will be a small drain at the back of the fridge. Make sure to clean this every month or two with some Bi Carb and vinegar.


Keep thing smelling fresh in the fridge. Buy a commercial freshener designed for the fridge, or leave some cut onions in their to soak up any odours. Perhaps spray some diluted vanilla essence for a pleasant smell.


House Cleaning Lane Cove

Professional cleaners guarantee great cleaning results. You can spend your time on more important matters when we look after the cleaning for you.





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