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UV Light

UV Light

UV light Protection and Home Cleaning Mosman
UV light can work for or against us. It can remove germs, but it can also causing fading or other damage to many household surfaces.

UV (Ultraviolet Light) is one of the invisible components of sunlight. It is the energy that causes sunburn on our skin. Our bodies need a small amount of Ultaviolet to produce Vitamin D and to help us sleep and wake at the same time. But we tend to get too much.

UV light can cause problems in the home and car because it causes many fabrics to fade, and cause items like plastic and leather to crack and discolour. Plain glass windows in homes will partly reduce UV light, but sunlight will still cause curtains and blinds to slowly fade, and also cause fading on carpets and furniture if they are near the window.

It is possible to block Ultaviolet light with blinds or curtains, but this also blocks the visible daylight. And the blinds or curtains themselves are not protected.

We can protect the possessions in our homes against UV light by putting UV proof film on windows, or by installing UV proof glass. UV film for car is also available, and actually becoming common.

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UV light can work to our advantage. When we put washing on the line the UV in Sunlight helps to kill any bacteria on the cloth, though it will still cause some fading.

Artificial Ultraviolet light devices have been used to disinfect some household surfaces. The best known of these is the UV wand. However, most people don’t realize that UV light takes at least a few minutes to work. Just waving it over the bedclothes or kitchen cutting tray will not be sufficient; it is better to cleave these things in the Sun. The UV cleaning devices for mobile phones, where the phone is left under the device for a few minutes, looks to be a better use of the technology.

UV cleaning devices could well be a hazard to our eyesight. They should be used with caution. UV proof sunglasses are a good safety option.

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