Natural Soap and Antiperspirant

There is a lot of fear out there about harmful chemicals in our cleaning products. I would like to put those fear to rest, but unfortunately at least some of the concerns are justified. One way to avoid problems is to make the products our self; that way we know what is going into them. […]

Fruit Storage

Fruit Storage Storing fruit properly prevent it going prematurely bad. Some household odours are caused by food that exceeds its use by date. It is more economical and more hygienic to store food sensible. Appropriate techniques are simple once put into practice. Many fruits produce ethylene gas. This gas causes many fruits to ripen more […]

Clean Sheets

Clean Sheets The packaging on new sheets often advises the owners to wash before use. This may seem odd as the sheets look and feel very clean. But the neat and clean folded look these sheets is due to the chemicals present in the fabric, including some of same chemicals used in dry cleaning, such […]